[En] About Us

Dobby Kills Hedwig, the host of the event, is a Wrock band from Montreal and its surroundings.

Four of us are more mainly involved in the planning of this event: Marie-Eve, Annie, Jacinthe and Germain. You can contact us either in English or in French (you can try Spanish, too, but we won’t promise anything) at dobbykillshedwig [at] gmail [dot] com. We will be more than happy to help you out if you have an issue with PayPal, a question about the event or need anything else.

More about us:

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Right now I help manage DKH (the band), organize shows to host, and write lyrics. I also attempt to hit decent notes, namely on the song “Dinky Duddydums” (I’m no OBatR, but I work on it whenever I’m under the hot spring of my shower). Apart from spending my time tinkering within the HP fandom, I teach high school students (and I make them call me “professor” so that I can feel like I am at Hogwarts and have magic skills to divulge – ummm, jk)
Age: 24
Favourite HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Favourite HP character: Hermione

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At the moment I’m more of a helping hand than anything. I’m basically the typical fangirl and DKH’s proud Hufflepuff. I’m currently studying in communications, but I’ll be majoring in French teaching next semester instead.
Age: 22
Favourite HP book: Deathly Hallows
Favourite HP movie: Goblet of Fire

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Right now I help organize shows and write lyrics for DKH with my sister, but eventually I will try to get a handle on back-vocals. I’m a Gryffindor at heart, but with a small trace of Slytherin (I think everyone has a trace of Slytherin hidden somewhere deep within). I am the only band member who still struggles with the English language – please be indulgent 🙂
Favourite HP book: all of them
Favourite HP character: Sirius

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I’m trying hard to be more than just a Bowtruckle at the moment, but I can’t bring myself to overcome my love of trees.
Age: 19
Favourite HP book: Half Blood Prince
Favourite Wrock band: The Moaning Myrtles


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