July 25, 2008 @ 7:30pm

April 8, 2008

[Descendez plus bas pour la version française]

Mark your agendas: July 25 is going to be a big day.

Four Wizard Rock bands are coming to Montreal for an epic show that nobody will soon forget. Wrock will reach another level: in a majorly francophone city with anglophone only guests, it’s going to be the time to merge the two fandoms together and to wrock like only HP fans will do.

Plus, all proceeds will benefit both the HP Alliance and Book Aid International. So, besides having the time of your life, you’ll be donating for good causes!

Here are the performing bands:

The Butterbeer Experience,
Tonks and the Aurors,
Swish and Flick,
The Chinese Chomping Cabbages,
and a special performance by your hosts, Dobby Kills Hedwig!

In a DKH member’s home backyard, fans will enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful evening outside while wrocking out to those awesome songs. Reserve early!

In hope that we’ll see you there,



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